American Week @ Sint-Andries

As my year in Antwerp started to draw to a close, I thought what would be a better way to foster cultural exchange by putting on an American Week at my Sint-Andries school? So, I grouped together some students from my English tables to see if they would be interested in helping me out, and was blown away by their dedication and logistical knowhow. It turned out to be an excellent, very successful week, and I only hope my students will carry on the tradition when I am gone. (Or perhaps put on Belgian week when they are studying in the U.S. later on!) 🙂

Monday started out with hamburgers being sold in the lobby. Expecting not to sell them all, we were out of 60 burgers within an hour! Later that day, a showing of Lincoln (with Daniel Day Lewis) made for a rather gezellig and informational evening.

Tuesday was the busiest day, with a visit to the Red Star Line Museum, an English Table, Chocolate Chip Cookies for sale, and an American Party to finish off the night. Only American music was allowed (my students’ doing, not mine!)

Wednesday was more relaxed with a panel on living in the U.S. with special guest Samantha Lopez talking about the culture of Alabama and Florida, in contrast with my experience in Alaska and Oregon. Made me realize really how culturally diverse our country truly is). (No pictures unfortunately)

Thursday, we finished off the week with a picnic and potluck in Munthof park nearby campus. Some highlights include homemade guacamole, brownies, and playing (American) football in the park.



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