90 years old, with 16 Jupilers a day (Translated from Dutch)

90 years old, with 16 Jupilers a day

Original article in Dutch: http://www.nieuwsblad.be/article/detail.aspx?articleid=DMF20130609_00616424

Monday, June 10, 2013

By Paul de Meyer

Translation by Myles Creed


Photo by Herman Ricour. Bertha with a small part of her birthday present. “I go through two crates every three days.”

DILBEEK- Ninety. That is the number of crates of beer Bertha De Bot received for her ninetieth birthday this year. Bertha has drunk sixteen Jupilers every day since she was seventeen years old. “I go through two crates every three days, but I never get drunk,” she says.

Thirty of the ninety crates have already been delivered to Bertha’s house in Dilbeek, special for her 90th birthday. “I drank my first glass when I was seventeen. I was by myself at home and there was a lot of beer around, because my father also liked to drink now and then.”

From the first sip, Bertha was sold. “It was so delicious! And so I started to drink more and more. But only for the taste, not to get drunk. I am not some kind of an alcoholic that can’t go a day without drinking. When I was in the hospital for two weeks recently, I only drank water. I didn’t like the taste, but it went down fine.”

At 11 AM

Bertha drinks her first pint, always directly out the bottle, at 11 in the morning. “Because by then, the caretaker lady from White-Yellow Cross is gone. And at 8 PM, I stop. That means that I open a new bottle every 45 minutes. But don’t think that I am stumbling around by the end of the night. I always take the stairs to my bedroom without a problem.”

Bertha doesn’t have any trouble with all the drinking. She is still spry and makes lunch for her son’s family, with whom she lives, almost every day. But she is now too old to go out to buy her beer on her own. Her son Michel brings a new supply in every two days. “I asked the doctor if that was healthy, that my mothers drinks so much,” he said. “And the doctor replied: If it doesn’t cause you any problems, just let her keep on drinking.

Doctor Hendrik Peuskens, who specializes in alcohol addiction, doesn’t think that Bertha De Bot is really an edifying example. “Although I would like to congratulate her on her strong constitution, I don’t recommend that anyone follow her example. Alcohol shortens your lifespan and especially your amount of healthy years. Should she stop drinking at her age? If she starts to experience negative consequences, yes. Otherwise, I am not the morality police.”


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