From Alaska to China to Belgium!

While I was in China last spring, unbeknownst to me, I was being considered for a Fulbright ETA in Antwerp, Belgium.  This is because my email expired (and despite an email informing them of this), Fulbright was unable to contact me in the interim.  (I also had thought that I was not being considered due to an misdirected email from Fulbright).

However, in late April I got word that I was a candidate for the English Teaching Assistantship in Belgium, and here I am today.  Looking at the blogs of fellow Fulbrighters in America and abroad, and enjoying the old blogs from my previous year, I think it is high time that I jump on the blog bandwagon and write about my time here.  The first matter, of course is the name.  From now on, this blog is known as “From Alaska to China to Belgium”.  Indeed, I think that this experience will be something entirely different than China and it is certainly worth recording (even if my culture shock is more limited to how tall everyone is and how weird my toilet is versus totally different social hierarchies and political systems and the omnipresence of lougie-hocking).  In any case, I hope to update on my life here and inform friends and strangers of my time in de Lage Landen, and hopefully, I will be more avid writer than I was in China.


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