Bohol Island

If you ever get the chance to go to Bohol Island in the Philippines, do it.  it might be one of the coolest places I have ever been too.  It has everything: amazing beaches, beautiful scenery, tarsiers (tiny monkeys), chocolate hills, amazing food, friendly people but it is not at all overrun with tourists.  You also really get to see a lot of Filipino culture there, which I really appreciated. It’s really a fascinating country, because there are so many layers of culture there.  Of course, there are Filipino languages (very many) but every one also speaks Tagalog and English (the official languages of the country), which can come in handy when trying to navigate on your own.  Furthermore, they were colonized by the Spanish for a good 500 years, so Catholicism is ubiquitous and so are Spanish names, both for people and the towns they reside in.  There are also a lot of Chinese people, who also helped shaped modern Filipino foods.  It was really a great week of sometimes relaxing (hitting the beach, day drinking and playing a lot of card games) and sometimes exploring (motorbiking for six hours out of a eight hour rental, visiting tarsiers at a really nice, not too busy sanctuary).  Here are a few pictures to enjoy:


Amazing Filipino food.  We got to Tagbilaran City and looked up a place in the guidebook.  Super cheap but still seemed extremely fancy.  In general, the Philippines is highly affordable and the garlic rice might be my new favorite kind of rice.  The only problem is I do not remember what any of the dishes are called, but if you can identify them, try them out!Image

Tarsier sleeping!  They are nocturnal, highly territorial and they can only produce one child at a time.  They can turn their heads around 180 degrees, but they can’t move their eyes without moving their head.  And they are so cute!!  I would post some more pictures but wordpress is really slow….if you want to see more, check out my facebook.


One thought on “Bohol Island

  1. Oh my god the monkey is so cute! With all the talking about motorcycling and everything else you post, I think you probably have the most interesting life of anyone I know. When you wrote “It has everything:” it reminded me of Stefon from Saturday Night Live. I read it in his voice.

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