Housing situation improved!

This post will be short, but I have a very exciting thing to announce.  I moved and it instantly improved my mood about China and about everything.  For those who don’t know, when I first got here I was placed with a 40-something year old highly devout, highly intrusive Chinese lady who spoke very little English.  I first thought it might be okay, in that I could practice my Chinese a lot and she worked a lot so I wouldn’t have to run into her all the time.  It soon descended into a lot of awkwardness and personal questions and questioning of why I arrive home so late and spend so much time with my friends, etc etc.  The apartment itself wasn’t that nice and it was on the 7th floor with no elevator and the kitchen was so disgusting I didn’t even want to go inside.  The lady seemed to be something of a loner, so she was home a lot and I found myself avoiding her as much as possible.  This was no way to live as a newcomer to China.  The final straw came when I had some friends over and the next day she texted me that I had better not take other people into the apartment.  I realized then that I couldn’t live in a place that was never really mine to begin with.  I moved the day to an empty room of my friends, trying to force my boss to finally move me into the new place she had promised me months ago.  Another teacher, whose apartment was really small, old and dirty, was possibly going to move into Ellen’s and I would get her old place.  Although it would be a better situation than living with the old lady, I was not super into it when there was a great place with my friends that had no one living there!  I made my boss talk to my friend’s boss and finally after months of being in limbo and a lot of arguing, positioning and general frustration, I have a place to live that is huge, attractice, just basically awesome over all and with people I really like, so my housing situation is perfect right now :)…The only drawback is that I have to pay 200 yuan extra a month to live here, and I only make 4500 yuan a month before overtime.  However, 4500 yuan is plenty to get buy here, when an average meal costs me about $2.   Check out my Facebook for some pictures of my new (and hopefully permanent) place.  🙂


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